How to get a raise if you develop in .NET.

11 December 2015

You dedicated your career to the Microsoft ecosystem. Violating that commitment has never appealed to you much… until recently. The writing is on the wall: in the last few years Microsoft itself has started blending with open source platforms. This move makes keeping your core skills intact while becoming effective on other in-demand platforms, and making your expertise transferrable to other tools and methods.

On the modeling side, you can invest in DMN, CMMN, BPMN to carry out complex business-centric engagements.
On the integration side, micro-services are in fashion; look for stable, extensible frameworks based on Enterprise Integration Patterns, such as Apache Camel or Spring Integration.
When it comes to handling data, reach out for straightforward solutions that leverage plain objects, such as Apache Lucene and Elastic Search, MongoDB, OrientDB or Infinispan.

Developers who work in .NET alone make 15% less than the ones harnessing those technologies. The choice is clear.

About the author
Antoine is the Chief Architect of GOAPPO, introducing a new paradigm to turn business requirements into business applications in one single, predictable step.