Eclipse OMG symposium 2010

22 June 2010

Eclipse OMG Symposium Speaker Tag
I was lucky to present at the Eclipse OMG symposium this year.

The agenda of the symposium comprised of several sections: Assets and Models, Specification And Authoring, UML and Specification Conformance.

As part of the Specification Conformance session, I spoke about BPMN 2.0 and our plans for the Eclipse project.

We have major contributions piling up, in particular from SAP. Reiner worked on the final metamodel from the specification and provided the project with an ecore model.

I am also seeing interest from both sides, Eclipse and OMG, to work on a test suite for BPMN 2.0. That’s maybe the most exciting part of the new Revision Task Force !

My slides are posted on Slideshare:

Thanks again for the OMG to organize this event ! I was happy to meet in person with other members of the FTF. Looking forward to our next call.